by Urban Jellyfish

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Working on a solo album between restructuring of the band. Wargames with my schedule and self.


released November 5, 2013

Bradford King - Guitar, Vocals, Sax
Terry Mattson - Sound Engineer



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Urban Jellyfish Seattle, Washington

Urban Jellyfish uses acoustic rock guitar, soul singing, and bitter lyrics to shine a light on the unquestioned fascism of the social contract.

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Track Name: Animal (demo)
Breathe in
Close your eyes
Feel your skin
Now open your eyes

Is the prey ready for pursuit
Senses heightened, we're both frightened but we're still compelled to move
Let's dance, let's begin

Drink her in
Taste her sweat
Graze her skin
Lips parted and wet

A gentleman
Poised and full of class
But she really wants her hair pulled as you smack her on the ass
No we can't, it's such a sin

You're no animal
You're no animal
You're no animal
Or are you? Or are you?
Track Name: The Spell (demo)
So you asked me a question, wanna understand a man
You wanna learn from them you wanna learn from me

No one will believe you, they'll say I'm insane
They'll carry you off and they'll tarnish my name

I don't know if you know this
'Cause you're not from 'round here
But I am not the type to remain demure

The answer is simple, it's not in your looks
It's not found in magazines
Published by crooks

You're fine as you are, don't change a thing
I know it sounds too easy, it's really just that easy

Copyright garbage, dressed up in greed
Manufactured insecurities

Don't know if you know this, that's alright
But you're worth more than an image in this temporary life

Don't use the darkness to conserve your light
You're gorgeous as you are and I think that I might

Tell it to Carly
Tell it to Jen
Tell it to Susan, and break their hearts again

Tell it to Becca
Tell it to Ange
Tell it to all the lovely ladies on which I've laid my hands

Tell it to Kathryn
Tell it to Noelle
Tell it to Tammy, that I bow to the Spell
To the Spell, to the spell

So you've heard my opinion
Just one of a few

If the words spark truth then they may rescue you
From a lifetime of pretty
The kind from a can
The kind that hides a woman from the heart of a man

I don't know if you know this, but that's alright
You're a buxom reminder and a stunning delight
Don't use the darkness to conserve the light
You're gorgeous as you are and I think that I might...

Tell this to Wendy
Tell this to Suzanne
Tell this to Cypris, and make her dance

Tell this to Ashley
Tell this to Xan
Tell this to all the lovely women who seem to understand

Tell this to Meghan
Tell this to Jess
Tell this to Nora, that I feel the caress

Of the Spell, of the spell, of the spell

Cast it over
Cast it over
Cast your spell over me

Then tell this to Sheila
Tell this to Jane
Tell this to all the women that I made up cause I'm insane

Tell this to Amanda
Tell this to Joelle
Tell this to the quiet clouds of heaven and the screaming gates of hell

Tell this to Nina
And the Santa Marie
Tell this to all the women of the world and say it came from me

Under the spell
Under the spell
Under the spell